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123317, г. Москва,

8, bld. 1, 10th floor,
Presnenskaya nab., Moscow,
123317, Russia.

+7 495 988 07 07

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Garanti Bank Moscow is providing corporate customers with both cash and non-cash credit facilities in order to support its clients' working capital financing based upon the customers’ business needs. In order to fulfill the ongoing business needs of our customers, we provide following products and services:

  • Russian ruble and foreign currency cash loans to corporate customers for various types of activities
  • Short-term financing of companies representing various industrial sectors
  • Provision of all types of bank guarantees (letters of guarantee, payment guarantees, SBLCs, bid-bond, advance payment guarantees, performance bonds)
  • Overdraft credits
  • Trade finance credits

Garanti Bank Moscow has a sound credit policy, allowing credit risks to be adequately assessed and minimized. The bank takes a differentiated approach to establishing credit rates, which depends on the market situation, availability of credit resources, crediting period and purpose, collateral type, degree of risk, nature of credit transaction, borrower's particular facilities, and recoupment and efficiency of credit utilization.

The bank’s marketing strategy is to support the customers not only by presenting well-structured banking products and services but also by giving reliable consulting advice in order to add value to the customers’ business.