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Documentary and Currency Control Operations

Garanti Bank Moscow has broad experience in international trade finance, as Garanti Group operates in many countries. The bank is also aware of requirements for trade participants in Russia and outside of the country, which is why it has already implemented improved trade facility structures to satisfy the needs of Russian trade activities all over the world.

Garanti Bank Moscow takes full advantage of its parent bank's solid reputation and wide network of domestic and foreign branches. Based upon its experience and its customer-oriented approach, the bank is always aimed at serving its customers' international trade operations in the best possible manner.  It is has been constantly improving customers’ ability to conduct business efficiently by recommending the most appropriate documentary instruments based on transaction-specific documentation and by minimizing risks related to business activities.  The bank can also issue various kinds of direct and indirect non-cash, limit-based Letters of Guarantee for its counterparts, including financial institutions and corporate clients. Documentary instruments and currency control services that Garanti Bank Moscow provides to its customers include:

  • Advising, confirming and negotiating Export Letters of Credit
  • Issuing Import Letters of Credit and bank-to-bank reimbursement
  • Short -term trade financing
  • International payment systems
  • Documentary collection services
  • Consulting on foreign currency legislation of the Russian Federation
  • Consulting assistance in drafting contracts
  • Assistance in compiling passports for import-export deals

Garanti Bank’s goals include further geographical diversification of its documentation business, more active cooperation with Russian banks based on the mutual limits establishment, and general increases in the volume of transactions. It will continue to cooperate with correspondent banks and use the domestic and international subsidiary and branch networks of its parent bank, Garanti.