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123317, г. Москва,

8, bld. 1, 10th floor,
Presnenskaya nab., Moscow,
123317, Russia.

+7 495 988 07 07

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Demand and Time Deposits

Garanti Bank Moscow carries out flexible tariff policy for corporate customers in respect to current account products and cash and settlement operations, depending on volumes of transactions.

Bank attracts time deposits from corporate customers in Russian rubles, U.S. dollars and Euros. Time deposits are available for periods of 30 days and greater.

Funds denominated in foreign currencies may be transferred to a time deposit account only from the current accounts opened by a client company with the bank in the same foreign currency. At maturity, the principal deposit amount and accrued interests are paid to the current currency account.

For more information about interest rates applied by Garanti Bank Moscow on time deposits of corporate customers, please contact the Customer Relations and Credit Management Department.